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Employee Participation  1910.119 (c)  


bulletWhat the regulation says:

(c)(1) Employers shall develop a written plan of action regarding the implementation of the

employee participation required by this paragraph.

(c)(2) Employers shall consult with employees and their representatives on the conduct and development of process hazards analyses and on the development of the other elements of process safety management in this standard.

(c)(3) Employers shall provide to employees and their representatives access to process hazard analyses and to all other information required to be developed under this standard.


bulletWhat it means:
bulletOSHA 1910.119 (c), as well as Section 304 of the Clean Air Act Amendments, states that employers are to consult with their employees and their representatives regarding the employers efforts in the development and implementation of the elements in the Process Safety Management program ,as well as the development and recommendations of the Process Hazard Analysis. It also requires that employers inform affected employees of the results and findings from incident investigations as required by the PSM program. Many employers, under their safety and health programs, have already established means and methods to keep employees and their representatives informed about relevant safety and health issues and employers may be able to adapt these practices and procedures to meet their obligations under this standard. Those employers in the process of implementing a Process Safety Management Program may wish to integrate their existing occupational safety and health programs to create a combined program that meets the obligations specified by this standard.
bulletNew hire as well as existing employee training program should include PSM awareness. Auditors will inquire about this information during the interview portion of an audit.









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