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Onsite 3 -Day PSM/RMP

Training Seminar


Other companies will charge $1,200 to $1,600 per attendee for Offsite PSM Training Seminars, (plus air fare, car rental, hotel accommodations, food, gas, etc.).


PSM Compliance Inc. (PSMCI) Will Come To You

Not only cutting costs, but giving you the ability to customize training to your needs.

PSMCI offers onsite training for clients looking to keep costs downs and yet have as many attendees as possible. We often modify class hours and scope to meet the specific needs of our clients.

If you plan to have five or more attendees sign up, we have a cost effective discount program available for multiple registrations. For a quote please contact Steve at 281-685-8348, or email to info@psmcompliance.net, for more information.



After more than twenty years, compliance under the PSM standard continues to be a struggle for many facilities. The root of problem is not the indifference of those trying to achieve compliance , but the lack of knowledge and understanding of what the regulations say and what they mean.


OSHA focus since the onset on the National Emphasis Program

OSHA Citations


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Our training seminars utilize extensive examples of actual working documents , examples that you can adapt for use at your facility. Sample documentation is used throughout the course to illustrate interpretations of the OSHA requirements and demonstrate ways to develop and implement an effective PSM program.

PSM Compliance Inc.
has developed this training program on OSHA and EPA regulations to assure that you have a plain-English, doable understanding of how PSM is supposed to work in the real world. Our company has helped many HHC facilities develop, implement, and maintain effective PSM programs.

This training is developed especially for:

bulletPSM and Safety Managers
bullet Facility and Maintenance Engineers
bulletPSM Team Members and those responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining PSM
bulletProcess operators
bullet Environmental Engineers and Managers
bulletPlant Managers and those with oversight responsibilities for PSM

You will learn strategies for implementing various process safety activities and how PSM programs can be integrated with existing company policies and programs.

Why you should attend:

       1.    You have just been handed responsibility for PSM at your facility and you need to know what OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.119 and EPA's 40 CFR 68 are all about
  2.   You have a PSM program, but no one fully understands how it works
  3.   You are planning an expansion project and aren't sure about MOC, PSSR, PHA or SOP's
  4.   You need required 3-year refresher training for members of your PSM Team
  5.   Don't wait for the OSHA citations to find out how much you really don't know about PSM compliance. Even attendees who already have had considerable PSM experience have told us they learned even more from our course.

What you will learn:

       1.    You can immediately begin applying what you have learned at the course to help your company satisfy OSHA PSM and related EPA RMP requirements
  2.   You will get up-to-the-minute information on OSHA and EPA regulatory enforcement activities and recent regulatory interpretations
  3.   You will be guided by instructors who have real-world experience in developing and implementing  PSM
  4.   You will learn what compliance issues your facility is facing and how to address them
  5.   Come away from the course with these valuable materials:
bulletA copy of the course notes to guide you in the development and implementation of PSM at your facility
bulletA copy of the 1910.119 compliance directive and the actual inspection checklist that OSHA's inspectors will use to evaluate your PSM program
bullet Extensive examples of working PSM program elements
bullet Electronic copies of regulatory references and support documents
bulletA certificate of completion

What previous students are saying:

"Great Class! Very beneficial to us and definitely an "eye opener"." Barry B., Director of Safety and Compliance

"Excellent Course!! I enjoyed this class and learned a lot of information I can really apply to my program. ." Aaron G, Assistant Plant Engineer

"Since I am new to PSM I have learned a lot from this class, you made the class interesting and easy to understand, I would like you to come our facility and train our entire PSM team." Rona C., PSM/RMP and Loss Control Coordinator

This course has great material. It went over topics that in 3yrs. of PSM I have never heard about. The instructor was very knowledgeable about PSM and how it applies specifically to our process." Chad N., Refrigeration Engineer


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PSM training at your location. Site specific and customized to meet your facilities needs. Keep training expenses down!!!....we come to YOU!





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